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Illiterati Wood Tile Upgrade

Illiterati Wood Tile Upgrade

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Need to upgrade the tiles and bags in your retail copy of Illiterati? Want an extra set of tiles?

The Illiterati Wood Tile Upgrade includes the following: 

📕 144 Upgraded Screen-Printed Wooden Tiles
📕 2 Embroidered Bags (Illiterati Logo)
📕 1 Dual Layered Burn Tracker

Illiterati is a cooperative survival word game. You and your fellow Librarians must work together to save the world from illiteracy by spelling words and binding books, all while surviving the onslaught of the Illiterati. Each player must bind their books before everyone tackles the “Final Chapter” together.

Base game required. Upgrade pack does not include the other Deluxe Upgrades (Sliding Deluxe Box, Jewel-Capped Hourglass, Bookmarks or Absaloot Feast Promo Chef Card for Rival Restaurants


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